Version 1.4                                 

The Maxifier is a application that assists in running Vista Media Center on two screens. Please note that if you do not have two monitors attached, most of the functions will not do anything. Normally when running Media Center maximized on a second screen, Media Center captures the mouse so you can not move it on to the main screen. The Maxifier maximises Media Center on the second screen, but allows you keep control of the mouse.

A beta version of 1.5 for use with Windows 7 is available here. Please let me know if it works or not for you.

The Maxifier has only been tested on Vista, but other users report it works on MCE 2005 as well. It is implemented as a Tray Icon -  - which sits in the Notification Area of the taskbar. Once it is started, access The Maxifier's functions by clicking on the icon in the System Tray, with either the left or right  mouse button. If Media Center is not running, you will see this menu:

Click on Start Media Center to start Media Center.


Click on a page name to open Media Center and go to the selected page.

 Once Media Center is running, the Full menu will be available:

Clicking on Full Screen will maximize Media Center on the second screen. However, unlike standard Media Center maximize, the mouse will not be restricted to the Media Center window so you can continue to keep working on the main screen.

Fit to Screen will fill the second screen, but will retain the standard Windows borders.

Minimize will minimize Media Center to the Taskbar.

Fit Screen on Main Screen will move Media Center to the main monitor. This can be useful if your second monitor is not turned on when you start media Center.

The next group of entries allow you to go directly to a page in Media Center.


Clicking the Options... item brings up the Options window.

The top options control various aspects of the The Maxifier and Media Center operation.

The  Watch for Media Center starting option lets The Maxifier watch for Media Center starting by a method other than The Maxifier; if that happens then The Maxifer moves Media Center to the secondary screen, makes it full screen, and opens the startup page.

If you have more than two monitors, you can specify which monitor to open Media Center on, and which to use as your main screen.

The Adjust Window Size group allows you to make adjustments to the size of the Media Center window when maximized. Usually, this will only be useful for systems using underscan or overscan  video output and allows you to adjust the window size to match your screen. You can use positive or negative numbers - negative numbers move the window edge left/up, positive numbers move it right/down.


Clicking the HotKeys... item brings up the HotKeys window.

You can use keyboard Hotkeys to control Media Center operations. This can be used by the keyboard, or if you have a remote control that can send keystrokes, you can enable HotKeys and use the remote control to control Media Center.

To create a HotKey, click in the field beside the operation and then press the keys to use as the HotKey. To remove a HotKey, click in the field and press the Delete key.

The following commands require that Media Center be the active application to work - Select, Left, Right, Down, Up, Back, Channel Up, Channel Down and the number keys. When using these HotKeys, Media Center will be made the active application, the HotKey will be processed, then the currently active application will be made active again. If you are using these HotKeys with a keyboard, this will only happen once the keys have been released.


The Maxifier is copyright Gary Smith 2008. Email for any suggestions or problems.

The HotKey control is by Telrunya from

This software is provided free of charge and no guarantees of support or future development are given. Use this entirely at your own risk.

The Maxifier installation file may be freely distributed, no part of The Maxifier can be distributed separately.

  Version 1.4 - 3.3mb
Please uninstall any previously installed versions before installing.