Creating the U32

Ok, now it is time to create the 32bit version of the dll. First, rename the dlldemo.dll file you created to dlldemo.ucd. If you don't then the 32bit dll will overwrite the 16bit dll.

Start Delphi32. Open the dlldemo.dpr project. You may get a message about 'duplicate resources'. Ignore this message.

You need to rebuild the dll as a 32bit dll. Choose Project/Build all. You have to do this whenever you change the project from 16 to 32 bit or vice versa.

The dlldemo.dll file will be rebuilt. Rename this to dlldemo.u32. Open up APW32, and test the functions.

There is a bug in Delphi32 that means the resource file is not linked correctly. If APW32 gives you a message about not being able to find the function definitions, you need to download the updated rlink32.dll file. Place this file into your Delphi32\bin directory.

There is also a bug in Delphi 2.0 which makes dll files much larger than they should be. The 2.0.1 update available from Borland fixes this problem.

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